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8 scientifically proven ways to prepare for the final exams

Final exams can be very stressful for the students. According to, By knowing the best way to prepare for the exam, you can reduce your stress level. Here are some scientifically proven methods to prepare well for your exams according to

No cramming

According to purehomeimprovementYou must study in intervals. You should study for 20 to 50 minutes and then give yourself a break of 5 to 10 minutes. When you spread your learning over a long period of time, it helps in long term retention. So, cramming is no way an effective method for preparing for the exam according to


Scientifically, 20 minutes of cardio every day can enhance your memory according to You can go jogging or dancing. It will increase the level of your energy and reduce stress before the exam says Jenny from

Eat superfoods

You must eat a good breakfast on the day of the test. You should intake high-carb and high fiber food like oatmeal. You should eat a balanced diet at least weeks before the exam. This includes fruits and vegetables along with meat, fish, and carbohydrate. When you study, your brain uses up glucose. So, you must take 5 minutes break every hour to eat some snack like fruit, yogurt or almonds to let your body produce more fuel so that you can study more.

Change the place of study

It can be very tiring to spend long hours in the library. According to, you should change rooms before the exam. This change in place improves retention. You should study in a room that is less cluttered and gets plenty of air.

Time management

Cramming leads to anxiety. This reduces the ability to retain information. You should manage your time well and develop a study plan. You should study the different studies in the allocated time. Lisa Myers says will improve your test performance. She is now working for outsource accountants

Don’t study all night

If you stay awake all night and study, it affects your health. Their memory and reasoning ability gets impaired for up to four days. So, you will get bad grades in the exam. After studying all night, when you are forced to wake up early on the exam day, it disrupts your rapid-eye movement that helps memory. So, a good night’s sleep is very important to do well in the exam. You will be able to recall things easy during the exam.

Lower the level of distractions

There are students who prefer to study while listening to music or watching TV. These students cannot retain information for a long time. However, you can listen to instrumental music. Avoiding distractions will increase your focus. So, you will be able to study more effectively.

Do practice tests

You should use flashcards and take practice tests as much as possible before the exam. This is a highly effective technique in doing well in the exam. It helps you to remember what you have studied and made fewer mistakes during the exam.

All these are proven ways of preparing well for the exam. You should start studying early so that you have enough time to prepare for the exam. Cramming exams will never give you good results.

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