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8 scientifically proven ways to prepare for the final exams

Final exams can be very stressful for the students. By knowing the best way to prepare for the exam, you can reduce your stress level. Here are some scientifically proven methods to prepare well for your exams.

No cramming

You must study in intervals. You should study for 20 to 50 minutes and then give yourself a break of 5 to 10 minutes. When you spread your learning over a long period of time, it helps in long term retention. So, cramming is no way an effective method for preparing for the exam.


Scientifically, 20 minutes of cardio every day can enhance your memory. You can go jogging or dancing. It will increase the level of your energy and reduce stress before the exam.

Eat superfoods

You must eat a good breakfast on the day of the test. You should intake high-carb and high fiber food like oatmeal. You should eat a balanced diet at least weeks before the exam. This includes fruits and vegetables along with meat, fish, and carbohydrate. When you study, your brain uses up glucose. So, you must take 5 minutes break every hour to eat some snack like fruit, yogurt or almonds to let your body produce more fuel so that you can study more.

Change the place of study

It can be very tiring to spend long hours in the library. You should change rooms before the exam. This change in place improves retention. You should study in a room that is less cluttered and gets plenty of air.

Time management

Cramming leads to anxiety. This reduces the ability to retain information. You should manage your time well and develop a study plan. You should study the different studies in the allocated time. This will improve your test performance.

Don’t study all night

If you stay awake all night and study, it affects your health. Their memory and reasoning ability gets impaired for up to four days. So, you will get bad grades in the exam. After studying all night, when you are forced to wake up early on the exam day, it disrupts your rapid-eye movement that helps memory. So, a good night’s sleep is very important to do well in the exam. You will be able to recall things easy during the exam.

Lower the level of distractions

There are students who prefer to study while listening to music or watching TV. These students cannot retain information for a long time. However, you can listen to instrumental music. Avoiding distractions will increase your focus. So, you will be able to study more effectively.

Do practice tests

You should use flashcards and take practice tests as much as possible before the exam. This is a highly effective technique in doing well in the exam. It helps you to remember what you have studied and made fewer mistakes during the exam.

All these are proven ways of preparing well for the exam. You should start studying early so that you have enough time to prepare for the exam. Cramming exams will never give you good results.

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Why is Continuing Professional Development important for teachers?

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an important part of teacher education. It helps the teachers to keep their professional knowledge and skills updated. The new generations have a different approach to learning than the previous generations. CPD helps the teachers to learn new techniques in teaching students of this generation. It helps the teachers to grow professionally, at the same time, improve their classroom skills. Teachers who have been in the profession for many years are usually reluctant to change their teaching styles. CPD will let them stay in touch with the latest developments in the education sector and help them to change their way of teaching. Here are some reasons why CPD is so important for teachers.

Encourages exchange of knowledge

CPD encourages teachers to exchange their knowledge and ideas with the other teachers in school. This way, the senior teachers can act as mentors to the new ones and the new teachers can provide the senior teachers with the up-to-date knowledge on the latest teaching styles and modes.

Improves communication with other schools

CPD allows teachers to meet colleagues from other schools. This also increases knowledge sharing and they learn new teaching techniques. It improves the quality of education by sharing knowledge.

CPD courses are flexible

You can take the traditional classroom courses or take online courses as well. So, you have the flexibility of learning from home. There are lots of online materials available to develop teaching skills.

Get better career opportunities

The CPD courses help to get promotions and have a better career. CPD courses are relevant to your professional works, so you will learn lots of things that will improve your professional skills.

It is an evidence of competence

Completing CPD courses gives proof of your competence. So, it helps you to stand out from the rest of your colleagues. You will become more competent than the others. It also tells that your knowledge is up-to-date.

CPD adds to the skills and knowledge you already have. It helps you to be a better teacher. You can perform competently as a teacher and meet the expectations of your students and employers.One note of concern is that sometimes its hard to find a good trainer for the CPD courses. Competent trainers are necessary to develop the skills of teachers; otherwise, the CPD courses won’t achieve the outcome it is supposed to achieve. CPD has no barrier in terms of age or seniority. So, if you are in the education sector, you must take CPD courses.

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How do student exchange programs benefit students?

If you want to experience something different when you are in high school or university, then you should try out the student exchange program. These student exchange programs usually take place for a year or for a few weeks. In this program, you will be leaving behind your familiar environment and experience something completely different. You will be learning about the world through experience. Here are the benefits of getting involved in a student exchange program.

Experience a new culture

Through the student exchange program, you get to experience a new culture. Sometimes, you may live with a local family there. You will find differences in architecture, tradition, language, style of conversation, clothes, etc. After spending some time in the new country, students will learn some aspects of their culture and they will be able to behave like the local people. After the students return to their own country, they will be able to share the experience with friends.

Learn a new language

During the exchange program, students get the opportunity to learn a new language. After spending a year or a few months in the foreign country, students will learn the new language much effectively than they would have inside the classroom. They will start conversing with the local people in the local language and improve their language skills. Learning a different language will increase the future career options.

Meet new friends

When in a student exchange program, you will be making friends from around the world. This will give you the chance to learn about people from different backgrounds. You will get the chance to go out with students from different countries and have lots of fun. It will promote cultural understanding and friendship.

Personal development

In a student exchange program, students are faced with lots of challenges every day. They need to adjust to their foreign life and that’s not very easy. At the end of the program, the student will become more independent, have a better understanding about people from other culture, and have better problem-solving skills. They become knowledgeable about other culture and learn a new language. They learn to adapt to a new environment. They also develop leadership and decision making skills. All these personal developments will help the student in future.

By participating in a student exchange program, students will get a sense of achievement. This experience will have a positive effect on their career. This experience will make them stand out from the rest during a job selection process. So, educational institutions must have this student exchange program as part of their curriculum to strengthen the students’ knowledge and experience.

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