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7 ways to make science fun in the classroom

Trying out the hands-on experiment is the best way to learn science. Teachers must come up with interesting ways to teach science in the classroom to make it fun. Here are some ideas.


Cooking classes will be fun and interesting. You can make lemonade and trail mix to teach mixtures and solutions. The students will know the difference between them. They will learn to follow instructions and measure the ingredients. They will learn the process and ask questions if they face any problem.

Take them outside

Fresh air can help in learning more effectively. You can take students outside the classroom and teach them about the environment. You can discuss the changes in weather, pollution, trees, flowers, etc. This direct interaction with nature will help the students learn better and make science interesting.

Put things in pictures

You need to be a good observer to learn science. Pictures can be an effective technique to teach science. You can ask the students to take pictures of the surrounding areas. You can discuss lines, shapes, textures, living things, non-living things, etc. You can compare the pictures from the past with the present to see how the environment or things have changed.

Plan a garden

You can ask the students to plan a garden. The students will need to know the area of space they have to work with, the amount of fencing you need, which vegetables to grow, what soil condition is required, etc.

Take them to museum

Science museums are very interesting. You should take the students there. They will be able to see the different discoveries scientists have made over time. They will understand the various phenomena that have taken place. After the visit, you can discuss what you have seen in class.

Arrange science fair

Science fairs give students the opportunity to be creative. It helps them to learn many new things and experiment with them. In encourages group discussion and teamwork. Science fair is competitive and students will find it very exciting and interesting to compete with each other on various scientific experiments.


Books are great resources to learn about science. You should keep interesting books on science in the library and encourage the students to go to the library. Reading outside their textbooks will free up their mind and they will be more curious to know how things work and why they do so in certain ways.

Science is not about memorizing; it’s about thinking creatively. You should teach students using techniques that will help them to think and be inquisitive. The more questions they will ask, the more they will learn and find interest in the subject.

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