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Top 7 ways to improve the memory of your children

A healthy lifestyle is essential to improve the memory of your children. Having good memory helps in studies and so they obtain good grades in school. It is said that brain works the best during early stages of adulthood and then starts to decline slowly. So, students should be prepared so that they can do their best during the time their brain works at its peak efficiency. Here are some ways to improve the memory of your children.

Eat the right food

The types of food you eat are very important for your child’s memory. Fresh vegetables are vital. Healthy fats are also important. There should be more omega-3 fat in the diet. Coconut oil is good for the brain function.


Exercise helps the brain to work at the best capacity. It helps by stimulating the nerve cells to multiply. Nerve cells release proteins called neurotrophic factors during exercise. Some of these improve cognitive functions and learning. Regular exercise improves the blood flow to the brain.

Focus on one task

You should teach your children to avoid multitasking as it may slow them down and they may be prone to make lots of mistakes. According to a research, you need about eight seconds to remember certain information. So, if you are doing two tasks at a time, you are likely to forget one of them. You should instead focus on one thing. You shouldn’t let any distractions be in your way.

Sleep well

Sleep enhances memories. It also helps to improve challenging skills. If you sleep for only four to six hours a night, it will negatively affect your ability to think. So, make sure that your children sleep more than 7 hours every night.

Play brain games

You should encourage your children to play brain games. By challenging your brain with new information will actually improve your brain functions. You will be able to find many websites related to brain games.

Learn a new skill

You should engage your child in meaningful activities, like learning a new skill. This helps in relieving stress. You can encourage your child to learn quilting and knitting, photography, gardening or music. You should find an activity that is mentally stimulating for you.

Meet with friends

Relationships can stimulate the brain. So, you can interact with others and get a brain exercise. You should encourage your children to have more friends and spend some time with them.

These memory booting tips are proven. So, apply these on your children and you will soon notice the change in their school performance. Your children will have better memory and they will be able to perform well in class.

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