How to get Students to want to become Lawyers

Becoming a lawyer is an enormous undertaking.  It will take three years of your time, a lot of commitment and a huge financial investment.  But, even after all this, a career as an attorney will be an extraordinary calling.

“If you are like me, I just like to help people get the justice they deserve” Susan Hutchison of Hutchison & Stoy, PLLC.

7 Positive things to consider when deciding to become a lawyer

  1. Earning Potential. Most attorneys earn salaries far above the average, and lawyers fall among the highest paid professionals in the legal industry.
  2. Prestige. A career as a lawyer is seen as the hallmark of prestige.  Because of their years of study, generous salaries and the fact that they have authority over others inside the courtroom, they are placed in an elite circle of professionals, demanding respect.
  3. Opportunity to help others. Because of their unique position in society, they are better able to help, individuals, organisations and groups with legal problems and for the good of the public.  They can perform “pro bono work” to help persons that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a lawyer or even legal advice.
  4. Intellectual Challenge. A lawyers’ work might be the most intellectually rewarding job on earth.  Lawyers are problem solvers and innovative thinkers.
  5. Diversity in Practice Areas. Lawyers can specialise in more than one area of the legal profession.  Areas can include, Civil Litigation, Green Law, Employment Law and Foreclosure Law.  With this many choices, there won’t be a dull moment.
  6. Transferable Skills. Even if you decide to not practice Law, the skills you developed in law school can serve you just as well in many other careers, such as legal counselling, writing and also mediating, etc.
  7. Flexibility. The job of being a lawyer has an inherent flexibility that allows them to make their own hours, set their own fees and attend to personal matters when the need arise.

A career as a lawyer can also offer a various number of other perks, including, travelling the country or even the world, participate in trials and closing business deals.  You might rub shoulders with politicians, sports figures and celebrities.  You will learn, critical, thinking skills, needed during court sessions, and you will find a new perspective and outlook on the world around you.  Studying law will sharpen your analytical reasoning.

To become a lawyer, you do not need to take math or science classes with your other subjects.  You do not need to become an expert on spreadsheets.  For that matter, becoming a lawyer is not very difficult to do.  Almost anybody can get into law school, graduate and pass the bar exam.  It is not difficult to become a lawyer but it does take a lot of work and three years to qualify.  Legal professionals work in a dynamic environment that change continually, evolves, and brings change, and new challenges and rewards.  This dynamic changing legal landscape makes each working day unique and enjoyable.

A career in a legal profession will intellectually challenge you, financially reward you and will be personally fulfilling.

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