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6 ways technology is having positive impact on modern education

Technology has transformed the modern education system. Technology has contributed a lot in the education sector recently. It is a very important tool for resources and connecting the young generation. Here are some of the ways education has made the modern education better.

Active engagement of students

As technology is interactive, the students are learning by researching, doing and getting feedback. Education is no more limited to books. The interactive form of education makes the students more passionate about the things they are learning. For example, when they are studying geography, they are now using interactive software like Google Earth or Google Maps. Unlike before, their learning is not limited to the printed maps on textbooks.

Use of real world scenarios

Using the internet, students can now do research on real world problems. This makes their learning more effective. They can relate the classroom learning to the real world situation.

Simulation and modeling

Simulation software brings things to life. Using simulation tools, students can observe planetary movements, how dinosaurs lived in the past, how a storm is formed, etc. This improves the learning experience of the students as they get to see dynamic models of things instead of the static ones used in the past.

Discussion and forums

Using the internet, online student groups can be created. These groups can interact in real time with one another and exchange ideas and knowledge. They can even interact with their teachers. They can get feedback from them and share questions that they don’t know the answers to. By sharing knowledge, the students will be able to get a better understanding about the topics they study.


Teachers no longer play the role of only instructors. They play a coaching role as well. They support and guide the activities of students. They make sure that the students get the proper information and training they need. Teachers help the students to develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Formative assessment

Teachers make sure that the students learn the concepts and also use technology to use those to real life issues. This improves the students’ problem solving and critical thinking skill.s Teachers only act as facilitators, helping students by providing them feedback.

Technology in the classroom has improved education to a great extent. It has made learning easy and more effective. Students can now relate everything to the real world and understand more deeply the concepts. So, the digital devices and the internet must not be seen as a threat. Instead, they must be embraced to make a better learning environment for students.

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